As technology improves and as the production industry works to catch up, there are tons of new ways for clients to showcase their programming at events. One thing we have noticed more clients requesting are video walls. They boast the ability to eliminate the need for a projector as well as show bright and beautiful colors. The size of the wall can be calibrated to the size of the room to maximize viewing angle for all guests.
The room you see here holds roughly 2500 people. With such a large crowd, having something big enough to be seen from all angles is very important. Not only is it important for each guest, but it’s important for the client as well to see that any of their programming isn’t inhibited. Well, is 30′ x 15′ big enough for you? Even from the front of house set up, the picture is clear and visible in the back corner. One thing we always have to consider is the structure behind our video walls. This one weighs about 3500 pounds. It takes a lot to hold it up!
We at AVL would hope this goes without saying, but the wall does not have to be this big. However, it is cool to look at.  And with the way technology is changing, we can’t wait to see how video walls transform and grow in our industry!