So many of us know what it’s like to start a new job. Paperwork, learning new systems, countless introductions, and training, it can be a lot to take in! For us at AVL Creative, training is a major part of everything we do. There is a certain type of training that we like to focus on and that’s cross training.

Everyone should be a master of their own craft, but the ability to have knowledge in all fields is crucial. Some would make the argument that having knowledge across the board defeats the purpose of having departments and leads. Our argument, especially in the production industry, is for someone to work with us for a week! There are so many different hats to wear and plates to juggle on a job and set up.¬†Sometimes, load in doesn’t go as planned, surprise traffic cuts your set up time by twenty minutes, or the venue is being stingy about where you can load in. The talented production staff at AVL Creative harnesses the basic knowledge on how all of our equipment works. Ultimately allowing them to keep our clients happy in a pinch when things just are not going as planned.

People like our Audio Engineer, Brian Jansen, takes training to a level that gives our team the leading edge. He offers hour long sessions to show how our audio equipment works like shown, giving our Production Supervisors and Assistants the knowledge they need to always be prepared for situations least expected.